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  • Transform your surroundings with the timeless elegance of our Sandalwood Candle, meticulously crafted from eco-friendly soy wax. Immerse yourself in the soothing and enchanting aroma of sandalwood, known for its ability to promote relaxation and stress relief. 


    Experience the luxury of a long-lasting fragrance that lingers in the air, creating a tranquil atmosphere that revitalizes your home or office space. Our candles are designed for clean burning, free from harmful toxins, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. 


    Elevate your ambiance with the distinctive scent of sandalwood, a fragrance that transcends time and enhances your well-being. By choosing our responsibly sourced ingredients, you not only indulge in a moment of indulgence but also contribute to sustainability. Embrace the harmonious blend of nature and luxury with our Sandalwood Candle.

    Sandalwood 7.5 oz


    Top:  Coriander

    Mid:  Amyris 

    Base: Amber, Dark Musk, Sandalwood

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