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Candle Care

Candle care is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while burning candles. Here are some common guidelines and descriptions for proper candle care:

What does trimming the wick mean?

 Trimming the wick involves removing the used portion before relighting a candle. By cutting the wick to 1/4 of an inch from the wax, this practice enhances wick performance and minimizes the production of soot that can occur with an untrimmed wick.

Can I burn my candle all day long?

 No, it is not recommended. To ensure safety, it's advised not to burn your candle for more than four hours per session.

Are the candles sturdy enough to be left unattended?

 No, it is not recommended. Leaving any open flame unattended poses a safety risk, and it is advised not to leave an actively burning candle without supervision.

Can I reuse the candle containers?

Can I reuse the candle containers? Absolutely. All of our containers are designed for reuse. Once you've removed all the wax, feel free to repurpose them in any way you like.

What is are Flameless Candles?

 Flameless Candles are candles without a wick. Rather than being lit, these candles are activated using a candle warmer.

Are flameless candles safe to use?

 Absolutely, flameless candles are widely regarded as a safe choice. By eliminating the risk of an open flame, they become an ideal option for households with pets, children, or in environments where traditional candles might present a fire hazard.

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