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  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting embrace of our Jasmine - Honeysuckle wicked candle, crafted from pure soy wax. Perfect for your home, this exquisite candle caters to those who adore the sweet and floral allure of jasmine and honeysuckle.


    Made with care, the natural soy wax ensures a clean and slow burn, allowing the delicate fragrance to unfold gradually. Picture the warm glow casting a soft light, creating a serene ambiance that wraps your space in a calming aroma.


    Indulge in the harmonious blend of jasmine and honeysuckle notes, creating a delightful symphony for your senses. Ideal for moments of unwinding and relaxation, this candle becomes a soothing companion, transforming your home into a haven of tranquility.


    Elevate your senses with the timeless charm of this Jasmine - Honeysuckle candle. Illuminate your space and let the delightful notes transport you to a place where every moment feels like a fragrant, floral escape. A thoughtful addition to your home sanctuary or a perfect gift for those who appreciate the beauty of nature's blooms.

    Jasmine - Honeysuckle 7.5 oz


    Top:  Lemon, Ginger

    Mid:  Jasmine, Honeysuckle 

    Base:  Violet. Powder, Wood, Amyris

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