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  • Introducing our Candle Warmer – the perfect companion to enhance your flameless candle experience. Designed to gently melt our exquisite candles, this innovative warmer ensures a consistent release of captivating aromas without the need for an open flame. Enjoy the convenience and safety of our candle warmer, creating a cozy and fragrant ambiance in any space. Elevate your moments with Celio Scents, where warmth meets sophistication in every melt.

    Flameless Candle Warmer


    1.Plug in the Candle Warmer:  Locate a convenient electrical outlet and plug in your Candle Warmer.

    2. Place Flameless Candle:Carefully position your flameless candle on the warming plate of the Candle Warmer. Ensure that the warmer is on a stable surface.

    3. Turn on the Candle Warmer: Switch on the Candle Warmer to activate the warming plate. Allow a few minutes for the warmer to reach the optimal temperature.

    4. Enjoy the Aroma: As the flameless candle begins to melt, bask in the delightful aroma that will fill the air. Relax and indulge in the fragrance for an extended period, as our candles are designed to last for 100+ hours.

    5. Monitor Safety: While enjoying the fragrance, be sure to monitor the candle warmer to ensure safe operation. Always follow safety guidelines provided with the specific warmer model.

    6. Turn Off and Unplug: When you're finished enjoying the fragrance, turn off the Candle Warmer and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

    7. Store Flameless Candle: Allow the flameless candle to cool before handling or storing it for future use.

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